The Greedy Bunch
(Sung to the tune of "The Brady Bunch" theme song)

(instrumental intro)
Enron's story... which you know already.
Yes, their scandal rocked the whole financial world.
Their executives all sold
Lies to others.
Cooked books were then unfurled.

It's the story... of a massive shredding.
Crooks were busy hiding big fraud of their own.
Arthur Andersen... and Enron together.
But they were not alone!

" bankrupty!" the headlines now all bellow.
Workers screwed, and they lost much more than their lunch.
'Cause this group, with ties to Bush's family.
Will forever now be called The Greedy Bunch.

The Greedy Bunch!
The Greedy Bunch!
Enron,, and Bush - The Greedy Bunch!

Here's an alternate version about the Bush cabinet: The Shady Bunch
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Copyright © 2002 by W.  Tong

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