The Shady Bunch
(Sung to the tune of "The Brady Bunch" theme song)

(instrumental intro)

Dubya's story: you may know already.
Stole the White House, and his gang now runs the world.
Most of them are pretty old; served his father.
Their scandals yet unfurled.

Oratory from the dumb Bush Baby?
He can't say more than three words on his own.
Propped by his men, working all together.
Shrub can't be left alone.

Since Election Day, Republicans still bellow:
"Doesn't matter whose voter card you punch."
'Cause their coup was helped by Bush's family.
Bush and Company are all a shady bunch.
The Shady Bunch!
The Shady Bunch!
Bush's junta is called The Shady Bunch!

Here's an alternate version of this song parody: The Greedy Bunch
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Copyright © 2002 by W. Tong

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