Ballad of G. Dubya's Style
Satire about Dubya's tainted sale of Harken Oil stock before it tanked
(Sung to the tune of "Ballad of Gilligan's Isle" by The Castaways)
By Randall Winn & W. Tong

(instrumental intro)

A decade back, t'was a Dubya sale.
A sale and a fateful slip.
That started out at Harken Oil.
Bush got an inside tip.

When Bush joined Harken Oil's Board,
Much stock had come his way.
He knew the rules of ethics, for
He had an MBA.
He had an MBA!

Stock forecasts started getting rough;
The ethics line was crossed.
If not for sale of the stock real soon,
His money would be lost.
Bush money would be lost!

The sale went on with the help of some
Uncharted dummy buyer.
Now Dubya... and Cheney too,
Are millionaires, and big liars!
They're moving on...
Of that old stock scam, don't give a damn.
That's G. Dubya's style!

The ghosts of his past won't go away.
With the news of corporate crime.
G. Dubya's made a mess of things,
In less than two year's time.

He overstated revenue 
And drained our treasure chest,
To fatten up the comfortable;
He is at Big Oil's behest.

Karl Rove says, "Right wing voters are
What we need for victory."
Republicans will do so.
They're simians mentally.

So go and vote these cretins out, 
And give yourselves a smile.
The G.O.P.'s catastrophe
Came from Dubya's style!

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Copyright © 2002 by Randall Winn
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